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Meet the artists behind the art, as they talk through
favourite botanical art projects or techniques.

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These one-hour online talks, started during the Pandemic, aim to connect those inspired by botanical art at every level, whether beginner or professional artist. Presentations are richly illustrated with examples of artwork and/or technique demonstrations, followed by the opportunity for Q&A. Every talk is unique in style, reflecting the personality and interests of each artist.

Scroll down to see upcoming speakers HERE. Register to either watch live, giving you the opportunity to interact with the speaker, or to watch a recording during the following week.

Book more than one month in advance for a 25% discount. 


Please read notes below or comprehensive frequently asked questions HERE

7pm GMT (2pm EST, 11am PST)


Curated by Julia Trickey

During 2023 I hosted twenty online talks, giving you the opportunity to look over the shoulder of over thirty leading botanical artists from all around the world. In this FREE one hour presentation, I will share short extracts and images from the 2023 programme of talks. If you have not attended any of the webinars before, this is a great way of seeing what they are like and of getting an overview of last year's programme of speakers.


2023 speakers included: Asuka Hishiki, John Pastoriza-Piñol, Shevaun Doherty, Bobbi Angell, Rogerio Lupo, Carol Woodin, Bridget Gillespie, Chris Thorogood, Simon Williams, Margaret Saylor, Wendy Hollender, Sue Wickison, Esmée Winkel, Mary Ellen Taylor, Deborah Lambkin, Sarah Gould, RHS exhibitors, visiting tutors from the Transylvania School of Botanic Art and members of the Eden Project Floriegium.


JULIA TRICKEY Domestika course

Recordings become available 24 hours after the live talk and can be viewed until the following Thursday.

7pm BST (2pm EDT, 11am PDT)


Úrsula Romero (Inky Leaves)

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose. This year Úrsula is embarking on a new project called ‘The Fragments’, where she continues to use plant matter to tell her story. For the past ten years, since her move to Andalucía, Úrsula has been collecting petrified Rose heads. In this talk Úrsula will discuss how she uses flowers and compositions to tell stories and why she has decided to focus on the Rose. This talk is a chance to see Úrsula in her new studio, learn more about her art school and to find you why she chose ‘Úrsula’.

Úrsula Romero is an internationally recognised artist. Described as a 'rebel flower painter', Úrsula is known for using flowers and leaves as her muse, augmenting their magnifications, scale and negative space. Since 2019, her work started to diversify as she explored the invisible and the hidden and oil paint. In response to this, in 2022, Úrsula decided to bury her alter ego Inky Leaves and her true identity as Jessica Shepherd so that she could continue to paint without expectation or restraint.

£12 (£9 if booked before 11 June)     


U. Romero.jpg

Recordings become available 24 hours after the live talk and can be viewed until the following Thursday.

25 July 2024  
7pm BST (2pm EDT, 11am PDT)


Crystal Shin

Always fascinated by the array of colours in her botanical subjects, Crystal has evolved her own method of discovering the subtle shades beyond and beneath 'local colour'. She will demonstrate her coloured pencil technique for building rich and radiant coloration and you’ll learn how to develop a sensitive eye for the myriad tints found on every plant subject, helpful for any artist working in colour.


Korean-born, Crystal was the primary illustrator of the University of Washington’s 2nd edition of Flora of the Pacific Northwest. She works for the University’s Herbarium and Paleontology department, and her illustrations have appeared in scientific journals and the New York Times. She loves to capture the luminous colours and details of plants in coloured pencils. Crystal teaches online and in person for groups, gardens, art schools, and her own classes, as well as the  ASBA.

£12 (£9 if booked before 25 June)     


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Recordings become available 24 hours after the live talk and can be viewed until the following Thursday.

8 AUGUST 2024  
7pm BST (2pm EDT, 11am PDT)


Işık Güner

Işık has travelled across the diverse landscape of Turkey many times studying the wild plants, some are endemic to a small area. Işık will share her experiences in the field and her journey finding, sketching and illustrating some of many wild plants of Turkey. She will share tips for working in the field and how such work can lead to a complete scientific illustration. 


Having been a botanical artist for many years, Işik has been involved with projects, such as Plants from the Woods and Forest of Chile, Beauty of Orchids – China, Plants of Nepal, Transylvania Florilegium. Her educational book ‘Botanical Illustration from Life’ has been published in six languages and she is currently working on a second book, called ‘Habitat’. She works as a tutor on the Diploma in Botanical Illustration course at Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh and as an art editor of ‘Illustrated Flora of Turkey’.

£12 (£9 if booked before 8 July)     


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Recordings become available 24 hours after the live talk and can be viewed until the following Thursday.

22 AUGUST 2024  

8pm BST (3pm EDT, 12am PDT)


Susannah Blaxill

Susannah uses a combination of media including graphite, ink, charcoal, watercolour and coloured pencils. In this talk, Susannah will show a wide range of her botanical work from the 1990’s through to the present day.


Susannah has been painting full-time since the mid 1980s. Her detailed and meticulous work has been shown widely and is held in both private and public collections around the world including the Shirley Sherwood Collection, where her beetroot painting is one of the most popular artworks in the collection. Though most of her work is commissioned, in between these commissioned pieces she draws and paints a wide range of subjects. 

£12 (£9 if book before 22nd July)



Recordings become available 24 hours after the live talk and can be viewed until the following Thursday.

5 SEPTEMBER 2024  
7pm BST (2pm EDT, 11am PDT)




This talk uses close-up flower photographs to take a botanical look at the way flower parts act in their collective goal of generating seed for their next generation. Since the basic flower contains both male and female structures, looking at the subtle ways they prevent self-pollination is also part of an interesting story. Picking our way through the maze of their different strategies can be challenging, but this is an opportunity to glimpse how some flowers operate, helping illustrators portray them with greater confidence.

The Institute for Analytical Plant Illustration (IAPI) came into being because of the understanding of the founder Michael Hickey who was an enthusiastic teacher, author and interested in illustration of botanical subjects. In 2004 he convened a meeting that brought together both botanical illustrators and botanists. From this meeting IAPI was established.

£12 (£9 if book before 5th August)     

Image 27-04-2024 at 13.43.jpeg

Recordings become available 24 hours after the live talk and can be viewed until the following Thursday.

3 OCTOBER 2024  
7pm BST (2pm EDT, 11am PDT)


Helen Cousins


Helen has spent the last seven years working as a medical doctor, as well as building a business as a botanical artist - a dynamic that requires constant insight and balance. Helen opens up about the opportunities and challenges that this way of life presents and ultimately how we can find joy from creativity in a busy world. 


Helen graduated as a doctor in 2016, the same year she graduated from the Society of Botanical Artists Distance Learning Diploma, achieving a distinction and the Award for Excellence. Since then, she has continued to excel in both disciplines, choosing a career in Palliative Medicine and building a business as a botanical artist, growing a community of over 100K across social media, hosting in-person workshops and online classes. Social media @helencousinsbotanics

£12 (£9 if book before 3rd September)



Recordings become available 24 hours after the live talk and can be viewed until the following Thursday.

17 OCTOBER 2024  
7pm BST (2pm EDT, 11am PDT)


Sue Wickison

The Pomegranate has a diverse cultural significance internationally. Join Sue in the mountains of Oman, with a glimpse at the ancient Falaj watering systems that feed the Pomegranate groves. Enjoy the challenge of tackling the contrast of the almost leathery outer skin with the smooth, shiny, transparent arils or seeds? Tips and techniques to problem solve this complicated but beautiful fruit.

Sue is a qualified scientific illustrator, spending  her first nine years at Kew Gardens on different publications . She has been awarded RHS gold medal, SBA awards and last year received the Jill Smythies award. Sue has work in the Hunt Institute of Botanical Documentation, the Sydney Florilegium, the Sutton and Shirley Sherwood Collections, and had a five-month solo exhibition at Kew Gardens, featuring  30 paintings for the book 'Plants of the Qur’an, History and Culture’.,


£12 (£9 if book before 17 September)  


Recordings become available 24 hours after the live talk and can be viewed until the following Thursday.

31st October 2024 
7pm GMT (3pm EDT, 12am PDT)


François Sockhom Mey

François has been fascinated with carnivorous plants for the last 20 years. He will share his sometimes difficult journey from travelling to study these plants in their habitat to publishing academic papers, as well as producing scientific illustrations and watercolor paintings.


François Sockhom Mey is a botanical artist, scientific illustrator and carnivorous plant taxonomist. He has intensively studied carnivorous plants in France where he lives, the USA, his native Cambodia, as well as Vietnam, Borneo, Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia and the Seychelles. He has particular interest in Nepenthes and Heliamphora pitcher plants, of which he has named a number of species, as well as orchids. In the course of his published work as a taxonomist, he has illustrated dozens of new species and produced many commissions for publication.  Instagram: a_gardens_chronicle


£12 (£9 if book before 31st September) 

François Sockhom Mey.jpg

Recordings become available 24 hours after the live talk and can be viewed until the following Thursday.


November and December 2024 talks will be added in due course. 



• Talks are delivered via Zoom Webinars (You will not be seen or heard, but you can write comments or questions via a Q&A box.).
• Talks are recorded and a link sent to registrants 24 hours after the live session. This will then be available to view or revisit for five days, making the talks accessible, regardless of your time zone or other commitments.

• There is a 25% discount if you book more than a month in advance.
• You can cancel your registration at any time before the date of the talk.
• @botanicalarttalks is now
on Instagram, highlighting the artwork of Botanical Art Talks s
peakers past and future.

More Frequently Asked Questions HERE


PREVIOUS SPEAKERS INCLUDE: Julia Trickey, Elaine Searle, Laura Silburn, Sarah Gould, Mary Dillon, Ann Swan, Helen Allen, Transylvania School f Botanic Art, Martin Allen, Işik Güner, Sue Wickison, Deborah Lambkin, Lucy T Smith, Simon Williams, Carol Woodin, Chris Thorogood, Sarah Jane Humphrey, Rui Jiang, RHS Show exhibitors, Carrie Di Costanzo, Sarah Morrish, Mariella Baldwin, Katherine Tyrrell, Yanny Petters, Lara Call Gastinger, Gill Condy, Rogerio Lupo, Janie Pirie, Pamela Taylor, Penny Brown, Julia Patience. Eden Project Florilegium Society. John Pastoriza-Piñol, Wendy Hollender, Shevaun Doherty, Esmée Winkel, Margaret Saylor, Denise Walsar-Kolar, Asuka Hishiki, Bridget Gillespie, Bobbi Angell,

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