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botanical art talks

Join me as we look over the shoulder of renowned botanical artists from the UK and beyond.

In these 50 - 60 minutes sessions, delivered via Zoom webinars, artists will talk through their favourite projects or botanical art techniques. Their presentations will be illustrated with examples of their artwork and/or technique demonstrations which will be followed by the opportunity for Q&A.

Talks will be recorded and available to registrants 24 hours after the live session. They will then be available for 48 hours, making them accessible whatever your time zone!

NEW! A 25% discount applies to talks scheduled after mid-June, if you book at least a month in advance.

Please read the further notes at the bottom of this page.

RECENT SPEAKERS:  Julia Trickey, Laura Silburn, Deborah Lambkin, Lizzie Harper, Lucy Smith, Martin Allen, Helen Allen, Mary Dillon, Sarah Morrish

20 MAY 2021
7pm BST
(2pm EDT, 11am PDT)

Carrie Di Costanzo

Carrie will discuss the materials and techniques she uses for working with egg tempera.  Topics will include the process of making the binder, mixing the paint, and creating luminous effects by layering semi-opaque layers of paint.  

Carrie is a fine artist who incorporates botanical subjects in her work.  She instructs classes at The New York Botanical Gardens in addition to independent workshops. Her work is held in the Botanical Collections at The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens, The Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, and private collections.




27 MAY 2021
7pm BST
(2pm EDT, 11am PDT)

Lara Call Gastinger

Join Lara as she explains the concept of her perpetual journal. Creating a seasonal sketchbook over years can benefit botanical artists in their work and understanding of the plants around them. Lara has maintained her journal since 2001 and has become more observant and confident as a naturalist and botanical artist. She is known on Instagram for encouraging others to start and maintain their own perpetual journals.

Lara Call Gastinger was the chief illustrator for the Flora of Virginia after receiving her Plant Ecology masters degree. She has been awarded two gold medals (2007, 2018) at the Royal Horticultural Society show in London and has exhibited in numerous ASBA exhibits and the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation. Her work has appeared in the newest Peterson mushroom guide and the ASBA Botanical Art Techniques book.




10 JUNE 2021
7pm BST
(2pm EDT, 11am PDT)

Ann Swan

Make your colours leap off the page; Ann will show you a variety of techniques she uses to create truly vibrant, rich and clean colours and banish those greys. Learn how Ann uses solvents and fluorescent colours to create luscious, luminous colour mixes.

Ann will also show you how to choose convincing shade colours to create depth without dullness whilst maintaining colour brilliance so that your work will come to life on the page.  

Ann is one of this country’s leading botanical artists and teachers working primarily in coloured pencil and graphite. She has been awarded four RHS Gold Medals and her work is in the prestigious Shirley Sherwood Collection and the RHS Lindley Library. She is an enthusiastic and nurturing teacher with over twenty five years’ experience and teaches around the world but now only on Zoom . Her book ‘Botanical Painting with Colour Pencils’ is a leader in the field.


Instagram – annswanbotanicalartist

Facebook – @annswanbotanicalartist

Twitter - @annswanart

YouTube Channel – Ann Swan





The ‘BOOK HERE’ button will take you to register for the talk. Payment is then taken via Paypal. You don’t need a PayPal account, as you can pay by debit or credit card. Zoom will then send you a unique, non-transferable meeting link. (You will be sent a reminder of the meeting with the link, both 24 hours and one hour before the event.)

The talk will be recorded and the link sent to you a day after the live session. You will then have a further 48 hours to view the talk. So, no need to worry if the time doesn’t suit you or you forget to attend - you won’t miss out!


24 JUNE 2021
7pm BST
(2pm EDT, 11am PDT)

Katherine Tyrrell

Further details tbc

£12 (£9 if booked before 24 May)


22 July 2021
7pm BST
(2pm EDT, 11am PDT)

Gillian Condy

In 2013 Gillian was invited to illustrate a book on Baobabs. She accompanied the author on her first magical expedition to Madagascar, where six of the eight species are found. The two ladies returned again in 2019 where the spectacular baobab trees were seen growing on small Tsingy coral islands and curious lemurs investigated their fieldwork. Join her as she shares some of the allure of the island and challenges of working in remote locations.

Gillian Condy has spent most of her life in Africa, settling in South Africa to work at the National Herbarium as resident botanical illustrator for 35 years. She has illustrated books and been involved in exhibitions and florilegia worldwide, included curating the South African contribution to the Botanical Art Worldwide 2018 initiative. A teacher of over 20 years experience, Gillian was a founding member of the Botanical Art Association of southern Africa.

£12 (£9 if booked before 22 June)


7pm BST
(2pm EDT, 11am PDT)

Shevaun Doherty

When we look closely at something, we begin to understand it and, when we understand it we start to appreciate it. By drawing and painting bees we can build up an appreciation for the important role that they play in pollinating our flowers. Hear how Shevaun has been putting this into practice over recent years as she has studied and painted bees for a set of postage stamps and the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan logo.

Shevaun is an Irish botanical artist whose highly detailed paintings capture the intricacies of nature in watercolour. She uses her art to raise awareness of conservation, which she is passionate about.
She exhibits regularly in Ireland and internationally and has won numerous awards for her work, including five God medals at Bloom, the Joanna Craig McFeeley Rose Bowl and a Certificate of Botanical Merit at the SBA exhibition in 2017. Two of her paintings are now in the collection of the Natural History Museum of Ireland. She finds teaching deeply rewarding and runs classes at home, abroad, via Zoom and online.


£12 (£9 if booked before 16 August)

£12 (£9 if booked before 16 August)


NEW! A 25% discount applies to any of the talks below, if booked at least a month in advance.

21 OCTOBER 2021
7pm BST
(2pm EDT, 11am PDT)

Sarah Gould

An extraordinary brilliance, luminosity and depth of colour can be achieved on vellum which is quite different from paper. In this talk Sarah will explain the types of vellum available, suitable paints to use, paint mixing and painting techniques and will demonstrate the methods she uses for preparing and painting on calfskin vellum.

Sarah qualified first as a Landscape Architect then later studied Botanical Illustration with Anne Marie Evans. She now works almost exclusively on calfskin vellum and has taught vellum painting techniques to a growing number of botanical artists who are rediscovering this medium.

Sarah has been awarded two RHS silver-gilt medals for fruit and exotic fruit on vellum and her works on vellum are represented in the RHS Lindley Library, the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation and the Chelsea Physic Garden as well as many private collections at home and abroad.

£12 (£9 if booked before 21 September)


18 NOVEMBER 2021
7pm GMT
(2pm EST, 11am PST)

FAR FETCHED BOTANICALS - Painting plants featured in fairy tales.
Mariella Baldwin

Many tales from Midsummer Night’s Dream to Peter Pan feature key plants. Follow the journey from inception to exhibition of ten such botanical subjects. Discover how Mariella researched each specimen as they would have been at the time the stories was committed to paper, as well as the processes and issues encountered as she aimed to depict the lifecycle of each plant.

Mariella studied Botanical Illustration under the tuition of Anne-Marie Evans at the English Gardening School in Chelsea Physic Garden, London. She went on to become a tutor of the subject teaching at both the English Gardening School and West Dean College as well as running workshops at numerous venues around the UK.

She is a member of the Chelsea Physic Garden Florilegium Society and has exhibited both in the USA and the UK with paintings in both private and public collections.


£12 (£9 if booked before 18 October)


7pm GMT
(2pm EST, 11am PST)


In this end of year special, some of the popular artists from the 2021 series of talks get together to compare notes and explore tips and techniques as used for botanical art, together with insights into their own artistic journeys and projects. Don’t miss the chance to learn from these renowned practicing artists.

Laura Silburn, Martin Allen, Lucy Smith, Mary Dillon, Sarah Gould and Lizzie Harper are all experienced botanical artists and tutors, with years of experience in producing award winning or commercial botanical images.

£12 (£9 if booked before 9 November)