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botanical art talks

Join me as we look over the shoulder of renowned botanical artists from the UK and beyond.

In these 45 minutes sessions, delivered via Zoom, artists will talk through their favourite projects or botanical art techniques. Their presentations will be illustrated with examples of their artwork and/or technique demonstrations which will be followed by the opportunity for Q&A.

I am going to do the first presentation, and more artists will be added as confirmed. Make sure you read all the information at the bottom of the page if you are interested in attending.

Talks will be recorded and available to registrants 24 hours after the live session. They will then be available for 48 hours, making them accessible whatever your time zone!

PLEASE NOTE - Booking closes 24 hours before each talk or earlier if full.


14 January - Julia Trickey

28 January - Laura Silburn

4 February - Deborah Lambkin

18 FEBRUARY 2021
8pm GMT
(3pm EST, 12noon PST)

Lizzie Harper

Lizzie will discuss the equipment and techniques she uses to draw plants in pen and ink. She’ll use examples of her published work to explain the difference between clear line drawings, diagrams and tonal pen and ink works (completed with stippling and building up of tone). Lizzie also explains how she adds a top layer of watercolour without compromising detail.

Lizzie Harper has been a professional freelance botanical and natural history illustrator for 25 years and has illustrated a number of books including ‘The Hedgerow Handbook’, ‘Collins Flower Guide’ and David Attenborough’s ‘A Life on Our Planet’. She teaches occasional illustration workshops a Cambridge Botanical Gardens and has just completed pen and ink illustrations for ‘The Tree Forager’, due out in August 2021.


4 MARCH 2021
8pm GMT
(3pm EST, 12noon PST)

Lucy Smith

Lucy will talk about her ongoing project, documenting the giant waterlilies of the genus Victoria through botanical illustration. This will include background to this project - inspiration, planning and some of the challenges. She will show details of the work previously completed and in progress, including watercolour and pen and ink illustrations of the waterlilies' unique flowers and giant leaves.

Lucy T Smith has been a freelance botanical illustrator for Kew Gardens for the past twenty years where she has continually worked with botanists and horticulturalists. She has received numerous awards for her work, and teaches botanical illustration at Kew. Lucy's Victoria waterlilies project is her first major independent project in two decades.



18 MARCH 2021
8pm GMT
(4pm EDT, 1pm PDT)

Martin Allen

A use of complex colour is an important element in creating a realistic or life-like image. Martin will look at how this can be achieved in terms of mixing and applying watercolour paint through step-by-step images and also discuss why it works.

Martin works in the Tees Valley, north-east England, as a botanical surveyor and botanical artist. He has been awarded two RHS gold medals and a group gold medal with the Chelsea Physic Garden Florilegium Society of which he is an emeritus Fellow. He is currently writing a book on England’s ancient grasslands.



29 APRIL 2021
8pm BST
(3pm EDT, 12noon PDT)

Sarah Morrish

Sarah will share with you many aspects of the pen and ink illustration process using strandline and marine discoveries as subject matter, ranging from shells, mermaid’s purses, barnacles, sea urchins, crabs to seaweeds. There will also be time to discuss the range and differences of pens that she uses.

Sarah combines science and art in producing paintings and illustrations that immerse you in many aspects of the natural world and its processes. She is a passionate educator and teaches for botanical art and natural science organisations in the UK and internationally, as well as her own popular courses in-person and online.  This year her book will be published on ‘Natural History Illustration in Pen and Ink’, taking you on a journey through nature and pen and ink illustration.

For links to tuition and portfolio websites, Patreon and social media, follow this link:  https://linktr.ee/NaturesDetails


20 MAY 2021
7pm BST
(2pm EDT, 11am PDT)

Carrie di Costanza

Carrie will discuss the materials and techniques she uses for working with egg tempera.  Topics will include the process of making the binder, mixing the paint, and creating luminous effects by layering semi-opaque layers of paint.  

Carrie is a fine artist who incorporates botanical subjects in her work.  She instructs classes at The New York Botanical Gardens in addition to independent workshops. Her work is held in the Botanical Collections at The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens, The Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, and private collections.




27 MAY 2021
7pm BST
(2pm EDT, 11am PDT)

Lara Call Gastinger

Join Lara as she explains the concept of her perpetual journal. Creating a seasonal sketchbook over years can benefit botanical artists in their work and understanding of the plants around them. Lara has maintained her journal since 2001 and has become more observant and confident as a naturalist and botanical artist. She is known on Instagram for encouraging others to start and maintain their own perpetual journals.

Lara Call Gastinger was the chief illustrator for the Flora of Virginia after receiving her Plant Ecology masters degree. She has been awarded two gold medals (2007, 2018) at the Royal Horticultural Society show in London and has exhibited in numerous ASBA exhibits and the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation. Her work has appeared in the newest Peterson mushroom guide and the ASBA Botanical Art Techniques book.




15 APRIL 2021
7pm BST
(2pm EDT, 11am PDT)

Mary Dillon

In recent times, Mary has been captivated by the beauty and intimacy of roses. She will explore the stages of making a larger than life botanical painting of Roses. looking at composition and how to bring a sense of dynamism to a painting before focusing on how she uses layers of wet and dry painting techniques in her painting.

Mary is recognised for her passion for capturing the essence of a plant in a contemporary yet scientifically truthful way. Mary has a strong international reputation as a tutor of botanical art.  Her work belongs in the collection of Dr. Shirley Sherwood and in the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation and was recently selected and published by the Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology, Krakow exhibition, ‘Exploring Botany’.


1 APRIL 2021
8pm BST
(3pm EDT, 12noon PDT)

The GREAT REVEAL: Hidden Numbers and Geometry in Flowers
Helen Allen

Helen has always been curious about what happens inside the ‘wrapping paper’ of flowers. Petals, tepals and colourful bracts are as visually attractive to humans as they are to insects, moths, flies and other pollinators. As the ‘wrapping paper’ opens and unfolds the great reveal begins and all the action occurs. Through drawings and paintings Helen will share the clear relationships between numbers, geometry and botany that can provide useful checks when drafting. Numbers really do matter!

Helen is a botanical artist and teacher who has exhibited and taught internationally for a number of years and was owner and principal of the Chelsea School of Botanical Art in London. She has contributed art-works to a number of florilegia and projects here and overseas and her paintings may also be found in public and private collections. Helen is an artist member of the RHS Picture Panel which judges exhibits at the RHS Botanical Art Shows. She teaches and paints in her studio in south-west London.




10 JUNE 2021
7pm BST
(2pm EDT, 11am PDT)

Ann Swan

Make your colours leap off the page; Ann will show you a variety of techniques she uses to create truly vibrant, rich and clean colours and banish those greys. Learn how Ann uses solvents and fluorescent colours to create luscious, luminous colour mixes.

Ann will also show you how to choose convincing shade colours to create depth without dullness whilst maintaining colour brilliance so that your work will come to life on the page.  

Ann is one of this country’s leading botanical artists and teachers working primarily in coloured pencil and graphite. She has been awarded four RHS Gold Medals and her work is in the prestigious Shirley Sherwood Collection and the RHS Lindley Library. She is an enthusiastic and nurturing teacher with over twenty five years’ experience and teaches around the world but now only on Zoom . Her book ‘Botanical Painting with Colour Pencils’ is a leader in the field.


Instagram – annswanbotanicalartist

Facebook – @annswanbotanicalartist

Twitter - @annswanart

YouTube Channel – Ann Swan





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