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7 JULY 2022
7pm BST (
2pm EDT, 11am PDT)



Jackie Isard

Jackie shares her five year journey painting wet meadow wildflowers, from her initial inspiration
and research, to planning out the compositions
to include each stage of the plants’ lifecycle.

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19 MAY 2022
7pm BST (
2pm EDT, 11am PDT)



Sarah Morrish


Sarah shares her approach to researching, examining, and illustrating a range of fruits and seeds in pen and ink. See how Sarah has taken the depiction of seeds in botanical art to a whole new level.

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7pm BST
(2pm EDT, 11am PDT)


Chris Thorogood

This lecture will examine plant taxonomy and classification: the science of naming and organising plants, and how botanical illustration is fundamental to the process.

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23 JUNE 2022
7pm BST
(2pm EDT, 11am PDT)



Rachel Pedder-Smith

Rachel will explain how and why she started painting from the herbarium collection at Kew which ultimately led onto the creation of the Herbarium Specimen Painting. 

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21 JULY 2022
7pm BST
(2pm EDT, 11am PDT)



Jarnie Godwin


How do you journey from beginner to award-winning botanical artist? In this talk Jarnie shares her own inspirational experience of learning a new skill and taking it through to exhibition and beyond. 

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4 AUGUST 2022 (Rescheduled from 7 July)
7pm BST 2pm EDT, 11am PDT



Christina Hart-Davies

Flowering plants are beautiful and we love to paint them, but there are so many other subjects that are equally beautiful and interesting to paint. Mosses and lichens, for example, can be part of a plant portrait or subjects in their own right. Christina will explain why and how she paints these so-called ‘lower plants’ — and other ‘treasures’ too. They may not seem obvious subjects to paint, but are all part of the whole story. You will see how some paintings develop, with hints, tips and stories along the way.


Christina has been a professional artist and illustrator for a very long time. It has been a varied career: she was the first Honorary Secretary of the Society of Botanical Artists; worked for four years on The Collins Flower Guide; holds six RHS Gold Medals, many of them for her paintings of mosses or lichens; has written and illustrated several books. As an illustrator, Christina paints whatever is required, but her passion is for the unusual, less obvious subjects. She is fascinated by all aspects of the natural world and how they interconnect.

£12 (£9 if booked before 4 July)

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18 AUGUST 2022
7pm BST 2pm EDT, 11am PDT



Elaine Searle


At the best of times Botanical Art can be a solitary pursuit. How are artists responding to the pandemic? As they attempt to make sense of a new normal – does more introspection mean less productivity? How can enforced isolation affect working practice?  


Elaine will discuss these issues and share changes she has made to her own approach during the past two years. A major new work will be revealed for the first time. 

Elaine Searle is a UK botanical artist who creates portraits centred in her personal response to the plant. Her work has been exhibited and won awards internationally, is held in Pittsburgh's Hunt Institute of Botanical Documentation, several notable florilegia and private collections. Elaine loves to teach both face-to-face and via distance learning.

£12 (£9 if booked before 18 July)

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25 AUGUST 2022
7pm BST 2pm EDT, 11am PDT



Chris Thorogood

This lecture will explore some of the dazzling diversity of plants that exist on our planet, and how they evolved. We will examine the journey of plants from the water to land 470 million years ago, the importance of the seed, and the evolution of the flower. On this ‘plant evolution safari’ Chris will point out specific groups along the way, such as mosses, lycopods, ferns, cycads, and early flowering plants (the basal angiosperms). He will highlight specific features and structures in each group which are important for the botanical illustrator to consider (sporangia and strobili, for example).


From this lecture you will gain an understanding of the main groups of plants, and the sequence in which they evolved, and which features are important to examine when illustrating them.

£12 (£9 if booked before 25 July)

Chris Thorogood illustrator.jpg
Plant anatomy.jpg

7pm BST 2pm EDT, 11am PDT



Chris Thorogood

Find out why ‘sedges have edges, rushes are round, grasses have knees that bend to the ground!’ In this lecture Chris will take us on a ‘deep dive’ into the anatomy of plants. He will examine leaf morphology – common shapes and surface characteristics, for example. Then will example flower form, from simple to complex: we will look at actinomorphic and zygomorphic flowers, what to look for in a floral dissection, and how to navigate a complicated flower such as an orchid or aroid. Chris will share real life case studies from plants he has worked with.


From this lecture you will gain an understanding of how to navigate a complex flower, considerations for composition in botanical illustrations for scientific papers, and a basic grasp of botanical terminology relating to anatomy.

£12 (£9 if booked before 1 October)

Chris Thorogood illustrator.jpg

7pm BST 2pm EDT, 11am PDT



Deborah Lambkin


Based on her ongoing illustration work with Nicotianas in Kew Gardens, Deborah’s talk will tell a story of a plant family with a unique 6 million year old history. Deborah will talk about the joys and sorrows of working on a long term, in-depth study of a single plant family. 

Since 2017, Deborah has been painting and drawing Australian Suaveolens nicotianas as a part of a international genetic study of these Australian plants. However, she has been working as a botanical artist since leaving the National College of Art and Design in Ireland in 1991. Deborah has won awards for her work including the Margaret Flockton Award in 2020 and since 2005 she has held the position of Orchid Artist to the Royal Horticultural Society Orchid Committee.

£12 (£9 if booked before  15 August)


13 OCTOBER 2022
7pm BST 2pm EDT, 11am PDT



Lucy T Smith

Have you ever wondered about the life of a professional botanical illustrator?  Lucy takes us through the exciting and challenging times in an interesting 'year in the life of' a freelance artist. One, for Lucy, which involved drawing, inking, painting and describing plants for science and beyond.

Australian-born Lucy T Smith has been working as a professional botanical artist for over twenty years.  Since the year 2000 she has been based in London, established as a freelance botanical artist for Kew Gardens, producing scientific illustrations in watercolour and pen and ink for many projects, including the Palms of New Guinea and her own project, illustrating the Victoria Waterlilies.  She has taught botanical illustration at Kew and other venues for many years, and has received numerous awards for her work. Lucy believes that the best botanical illustrations combine both beauty and science, and this guiding principle informs all of her work. 

£12 (£9 if booked before 13 September)


17 NOVEMBER 2022
7pm GMT 2pm EST, 11am PST



Katherine Tyrrell


Have you ever wondered where and how you can bring your botanical work to a wider audience? Katherine will guide you through the practicalities and pitfalls of exhibiting and selling your work, with a particular focus on how to send your work abroad. She will talk through a checklist, explaining what you need to know for this process to go smoothly. A must-see for those who what to go international!

Since she retired, Katherine Tyrrell has developed a blog Making A Mark, a world class website about Botanical Art and Artists and a comprehensive website about Art Business Info for Artists. Katherine has an MBA from the London Business School and qualified as both a teacher and an accountant. She now provides advice to artists, writes business articles for UK art journals and has talked on the business of art at a London Art School, ASBA and other art societies/organisations.

£12 (£9 if booked before  17 October)

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