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Christian Louboutin Mens Sneakers Italy national team about to embark on the journey of the World Cup , the team is undoubtedly the key players striker AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli , distinctive for the bad boy , the legendary Italian star Roberto Baggio is the high hopes that he hoped Balotelli to achieve greater than their success in the World Cup. "National team ? I think this is a very strong team," Baggio said, " Prandelli did very well, I'm sure they'll played excellent in the World Cup Christian Louboutin London."

Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 Baggio believes that the team has some amazing players appeared , "I hope the team can have a surprise newcomer stand out , although the team has a lot of good players can make a different , but still need some surprises. " Baggio also made ??special mention of Balotelli , " Balotelli ? , I hope he can do better than me , he is very talented , he just needs to relax and make a good use of his talent ." To return from injury Rossi , Baggio Christian Louboutin Pigalle also has something to say , he hopes to finally enter Rossi of Italy 's 23-man squad , " Rossi and also two great players , but I now want is to be able to travel to Brazil Rossi World Cup , which is the return from injury of his efforts in the reward , he reminds me of those experiences happened to me . " Serie A last round , Qieer Qi missed the match against Fiorentina in Turin that could help the team reached the European Cup on penalties , which Baggio said, " Qieer Qi penalty ? This is your total errors in advance , but only those that courage to embark on the penalty spot talent can understand Louboutins Shoes. "

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